PACE-PAK is the smartest solution to your packaging needs

Cost Efficient    Eco Friendly    Superior Cushioning

PACE-PAK is made from 100% post-industrial cardboard waste & 100% recyclable after use.

PACE-PAK is strategically engineered in size and shape to offer the best eco-friendly support for your package.


PACE-PAK is custom engineered to retain buoyancy and cushioning throughout the package delivery. It is cost efficient and can be recycled in many ways including as a garden or compost post-use. PACE-PAK can be used to reduce weeds and increase carbon content in the soil or simply recycle as part of your daily routine.


traditional materials

❌ Styrofoam Peanuts

Styrofoam peanuts are messy and cannot be easily recycled and will NEVER biodegrade.

❌ Air Cushion

Air bags pop, shift, and provide very little containment of a product within a packing box.

❌ Rolled Paper

Rolled paper crushes easily and loses it’s ability to cushion.

❌ Cornstarch Peanuts

While biodegradable, peanuts disintegrate with moisture and will crush easily.

❌ Foam in Place

Foam in place is VERY expensive and NOT recyclable. 

PACE-PAK was developed by a 30-year veteran of healthy home building materials, who is also a retailer and e-commerce expert of healthy consumer solutions.

PACE-PAK is 100% made in America!

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